Tanlines – “Reinfo” Fan Video (Which Is Now Official)

Stereogum faves Tanlines made a mark down in Austin and cop vibes from Ibiza, but this cutely creative fan video centers their airily tropical synth delight “Reinfo” in the East Village. (You’ll see Tompkins Square park and its dog run, the posters of Bollywood film star Shah Rukh Khan that line the windows of the Hindi film rental spots on Curry Row aka E. 6th St. between 1st and Ave. A [Banjara is a good call], site of many-a-heroin-overdose Odessa Diner, etc.) So cutely creative that the men of Tanlines (ex-Professor Murder dude Eric Emm and Jesse Cohen) adopted it as their Settings EP track’s official clip. There are chalk drawn messages to a girl named Anna mixed with neighborhoody imagery, working with the beat drops and the cut’s hazy uplift in a way that’s better seen than described, and hopefully enough for the guy who made it make his girl feel loved and in the know when it comes to good jams.  For Anna, Wherever You Are.

Tanlines’ Settings EP is out via the always excellent True Panther Sounds. It’s a winner, as are their myriad remixes.

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