Liveblogging The Rock Star: Supernova Finale

Just kidding. This is first time I’ve even mentioned this show on Stereogum. Tuning in now, though, and as Dave Navarro predicted on his blog yesterday, “Lukas and Dilana have the best shots at winning.” We’ll find out who the Rock Star is after this commercial break!

I’ve only watched one full episode of this series, and the contestants were morons…

DAVE NAVARRO: I’m just not seeing anything different. And frankly I’m getting a little bored. Change. It. Up. From. Week. To. Week. Otherwise, you are wasting this opportunity.

PATRICE: Do you do a lot of different things onstage when you perform Dave?

DAVE NAVARRO: Uh, yeah. But see the difference is that I have a job and I’m not auditioning.

Yep, she was cut. But not before performing “My Iron Lung.” At which point I stopped watching.

In the end, the most entertaining thing about this project is that the new band WON’T EVEN BE CALLED SUPERNOVA. That other Supernova actually won their lawsuit, so it’s back to the drawing board for Tommy Lee, Jason Newsted and Gilby Clarke. This must mark the first time a band has sold out the Hard Rock in Vegas (12/31) without a lead singer or a name.

UPDATE: Congrats kid! See ya in the bargain bin.