New Gnarls Barkley Video – “Mystery Man”

The official video for Gnarls’s new single, the backbeat/soul collage “Mystery Man,” matches the song’s overall cut-paste, drafted, b-side vibe with some lo-fi, simply drawn, sketched on animation. Danger Mouse and a skinny Cee-Lo appear briefly on a rooftop, but mostly this is about Superman, who evidently sucks, occasionally enjoys bike rides through the city, and ultimately saves the city from a very big puzzle.

“Mystery Man” appears on the Who’s Gonna Save My Soul EP, out 11/11 via Atlantic. The set also includes four versions of the Odd Couple title track, and a live take on “Neighbors” from the 40 Watt Club. You can still head to right now and download MP3s of all those “Soul” versions (the vid, too). After 11/11 it’ll all be gone.