New Album Leaf – “Always For You”

This track comes from Jimmy LaValle’s fourth full length as The Album Leaf, entitled Into The Blue Again. LaValle’s double-tracked vocals are up front and center, a welcome change from his past Album Leaf output. The album may have been recorded near Seattle, but it was mixed in Iceland to get those pianos to sound oh so Sigur Rós.

The Album Leaf ? “Always For You” (MP3)

Speaking of our favorite other-worldly post-rockers, here’s LaValle’s gorgeous, glockenspiel tinged collaboration with Jonsi Birgisson from 2004’s In A Safe Place.

The Album Leaf – “Over The Pond” (MP3)

With that voice, Jonsi could be singing complete gibberish and we’d still swoon.

Follow The Album Leaf’s studio journey from Washington to Iceland with their “making of” documentary. Those topographical shots are making us wish we were going to Iceland Airwaves.