Elvis Costello Joins Jenny Lewis’ Band At Spectacle Wrap Party

Elvis Costello’s been hanging out with a diverse group of artists this year (Fall Out Boy, Lucinda Williams, the Police, a Jonas Brother), but he really seems to have hit it off with Jenny Lewis. (She contributed vocals to his Momofuku and he returned the favor on her Acid Tongue.) Seeing Elvis join Jenny’s band on Letterman this week was a treat. The duo returned to Times Square last night to perform at the Edison Theater for a wrap party celebrating the Sundance Channel’s new Spectacle: Elvis Costello With…. talk show. It was a short gig by Jenny and her band with Elvis joining for a few songs. The set was comprised mostly of Acid Tongue (“Fernando,” “The Next Messiah,” “Carpetbaggers”), though we also got Momofuku’s “Go Away” and a song I couldn’t identify that Elvis said wasn’t on either of their records. The night ended with Jenny and boyfriend Johnathan Rice softly dueting on oldie “Love Hurts” for a chatty crowd more focused on the open bar. These corporate gigs are tough. I took some video, Amrit took photos, and you can compare everybody’s fedoras after the jump.

Jenny Lewis & Elvis Costello – “Carpetbaggers”

Jenny Lewis – “Fernando”

Jenny Lewis & Johnathan Rice – “Love Hurts”

And some red carpet pics by Sara Jaye Weiss for Sundance Channel:

Spectacle premieres on Sundance Channel 12/3. Guests this season include Elton John, Tony Bennett, Lou Reed, Julian Schnabel, Bill Clinton, The Police, and Smokey Robinson. One episode features She & Him, Jenny Lewis, Jakob Dylan, and Mr. Costello covering Steely Dan’s “Show Biz Kids.”