MGMT Offer Spinner “Future Reflections,” An “Electric Feel”

It makes sense I had to watch a Pantene commercial before getting through to MGMT’s Spinner/Interface session: Andrew VanWyngarden has good obnoxious hair like the guy from Ted Leo’s band had three years ago. Regardless, the recently Cool Listed Summer Of Love-loving Brooklyn crew brought some of their Oracular Spectacular to the AOL studios. The resulting video has a certain graininess to it, which goes well with the music’s retrofit feel, but there are no very sexy girls who can dance for real, so the vibe’s not 100%.

“Electric Feel”

“Future Reflections”

If that wasn’t enough MGMT, you can check out “Pieces of What,” “The Handshake,” and watch an interview at Spinner. (Warning: The interview is pretty awkward.)

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