Specials Reunite on Fallon

Jimmy Fallon hosted a reunited Specials performance on Late Night last night. Fallon said it was the band’s first US performance in 30 years, which makes the time I saw the Specials’s Terry Hall and Jerry Dammers-free line-up in 1998 seem like it never happened. After the original lineup broke up in 1981, members went on to form Fun Boy Three, while others kept touring and releasing albums under various Specials-related names. The original lineup (minus Dammers, who says the rest of the Specials have shut him out of the reunion) did their classic cover of “A Message To You, Rudy,” from their debut album on Fallon:

As a web-only exclusive, the band also played “Little Bitch,” also from their debut album Specials:

Fun fact: Elvis Costello produced Specials.

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