R.E.M. Reunite For Georgia Music Hall Of Fame

On Saturday night, fifteen hundred lucky R.E.M. fans got a one-night only reunion of Berry/Buck/Mills/Stipe for the band’s Georgia Music HOF induction. Well, we assume they were R.E.M. fans. Maybe they were there to congratulate co-inductee Jermaine Dupri.

According to NME.com, “Stipe saluted everyone from Georgia who has made an impact in the arts, from OutKast to Oscar-winning actress Julia Roberts, before thanking their office, partners, employees, families, friends and fans.”

The band’s three song set is on YouTube, which is especially exciting for those of us who couldn’t make it to the foursome’s reunion at their friend’s wedding in an Athens bowling alley last fall.

Watch: “Begin The Begin,” “Losing My Religion,” and “Man On The Moon,” (“a song about life and about passage and about what each of us make of our short time here on Earth”) which Stipe dedicated to Ann Richards.

Thanks for all the years of great music Julia Roberts!

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