Moby Turned Off His Computer For A Day

Formerly hardcore techno tea drinker Moby announced his Internet abstinence on Friday.

a break, of sorts
this might sound odd…
but until january 1, 2007, i won’t be online.
i’m taking a break.
i receive between 200 – 400 emails a day.
and i spend way too much time on-line reading news, etc.
so, for the next 3 months i’ll be taking an internet/email break.
i’ll still be sending in blogs/journals, but via snail-mail to my management.
so i’ll still be here.
just slower.
i guess that’s all.
i promise that on january 1, 2007(even if i’m hungover)i’ll send you an update/journal
letting you know how 3 months without email/internet have been.
have a good time.
we might make some big changes to
some really interesting changes.

The first “really interesting change” came on Sunday when the Lomax-loving jingle writer updated his blog…

day 3(or 4)of no email, etc.
i’ve lapsed a couple of times for work, etc.
i’m an apostate.
which is a hard word to pronounce.
it’s not healthy to spend 4 hours a day on-line, is it?doesn’t it do odd things to our brains?
doesn’t it establish a weird and arbitrary and quick pacing that corrupts that natural happy neurochemical homeostasis that our brains long for?
or maybe it’s just fun.
i don’t know.
i’ll let you know how the experiment progresses.

Please do, Moby! Maybe via a newsletter we can all subscribe to? The Gawker comments about Manhattan Vegan’s Web sabbatical are hilarious. And, ironically, the whole “experiment” has probably generated a ton of traffic at

Apparently there’s a little controversy over the video for his new song “New York, New York” as well. According to Idolator, Moby’s practically disowned the clip, pissing off the director of photography: “Granted, it’s a video about a nightclubbing chihuahua flying around Manhattan on a disco ball. I don’t know if he doesn’t like the video anymore, or he’s embarrassed, or what. I mean, it’s silly, but it’s exactly what he asked for.” You can watch it here. Silly is sort of an understatement. But it’s always nice to hear Debbie Harry’s voice.

Why does everyone hate Moby so much? Because he’s a self-important blowhard or because his music sucks? Or both? He was great on How I Met Your Mother.

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