Best Coast – “When I’m With You” Video

Wherein we learn the “you” Bethany Cosentino has fun with is a smiley, traitorous Ronald McDonald with a BC patch where the golden arches should be and a love for In-N-Out Burger. There are cats, beers, and beef patties, but most importantly lots of sunshine smiles and sand, just as you’d expect from a light-hearted beachfront fuzz-pop jam.

Have it:

Best Coast – “When I’m With You”

Best Coast is releasing new 7″ tracks “Far Away” b/w “Everyone’s Gone” on 5/3. It comes “free” with the purchase of a pair of eskuché headphones, as part of that company’s “Obsessive Compulsive Frequency” vinyl/headphone bundle series. (The last release was centered around Juan Maclean.)

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