Coachella 2010 Set Times

Today’s the day to pack up your tents or descend upon your pretty pool-enabled rented houses in Indio if you’re headed out Coachella way — tomorrow the festival kicks off with what feels like it’s strongest lineup in the four years I’ve been attending. Scott and I are on a plane, but don’t worry Brandon and Jessica will still be posting on a regular schedule, just interspersed with some bits about how Jay-Z joined James Murphy onstage for some champagne and whiskey, or Skerrit Bwoy started doing stagedives during Sleigh Bells, or whatever. Definitely something about Die Antwoord, who have been added to the schedule. Very zef.

And for the last few years one of my favorite memes around here’s been “Needs more Pavement.” We’re all sorted there, too.

Follow along through the weekend @stereogum, and also @scottgum and @amritsingh. Or follow along by using these timesheets as your guide. Stacked as it is, the conflicts are minimal. Despite nixing single-day tickets, this year’s a sell-out. Friends in L.A. say that city’s in high gear anticipation. We’re co-signing. Friday’s slate up there, here’s the rest of the weekend:

Coachella 2010 Set Times - Saturday

Coachella 2010 Set Times - Sunday

See you in the desert.

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