Hear Franz Ferdinand’s “Ulysses,” Sort Of

There’s a new Franz Ferdinand remix competition over at Beatport. The twist: FF’s original “Ulysses” hasn’t been released yet (it’ll be out in January), so the remixers have no final template to follow, and their results won’t be “tainted by the direction and mood of the original version.” Is a remix a remix if the original hasn’t been mixed yet? (Derrida?) Alex Kapranos said the band “want to be surprised by the geniuses out there that no one has heard of yet.” You can get more details, including word on the prizes (money, gear) and the deadlines (download phase is 11/4-11/18 and after two more phases, winners are announced 12/29) via the Beatportal. The individual tracks are there; some are free, you have to pay to get all the parts. Someone did pay, then he pieced together everything on his computer. It sounds like this:

It sounds like it’s melting, but it’s an interesting challenge, for sure.

Remember, Tonight: Franz Ferdinand is ostensibly out 1/26 via Domino.