Live Grizzly Bear @ KEXP 9/14/2006

Last week, Grizzly performed some stripped down renditions of Yellow House favorites for KEXP. We asked Ed about these alternative takes on the tunes. His thoughts:

Like our live show, we always are sort of trying to recreate the songs, for an electric setting, acoustic setting, etc. We sometimes have up to 3 different live versions of a song. This solo version of “On A Neck, On A Spit” is just Dan and the guitar, and skips the beginning, adds some new melodies, and it’s nice sometimes for the rest of us to sit back and just watch him play.

As for “Shift,” we replace the piano with acoustic, and “Knife” just is pretty much about the vocals so we essentially keep it that way. Anyhow, KEXP were great to work with–Wish we had more stations like that on the east coast.

Check out the tracks (via Pop Drivel):

Grizzly Bear ? “On A Neck, On A Spit” (Live @ KEXP) (MP3)
Grizzly Bear ? “Shift” (Live @ KEXP) (MP3)

Animal-related band names are always in fashion — but wolves are so over. What’s the next big mammal moniker?

We have two pairs of tickets to give away for Grizzly’s 9/26 Bowery show and, to get your greasy paws on ‘em, give us some band names. We’ll randomly pick winners on Friday at 6 pm EST. (Reminder: Horses are played out, too!)

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