of Montreal Cover Franz Ferdinand

Speaking of Franz Ferdinand (+10 for me for highly original blog segue), the oM crew did “Take Me Out” on Saturday night at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Before Kevin Barnes reverently disco-rocks like it’s 2004, you’ll see one of the many characters that inhabit of Montreal’s stage show wiping the stage clear of confetti with his prop arm thingees. In fact you’ll see that for a good two minutes, so push it to 2:15 to get straight into the Franz cover and stick around for of Monty’s very own highly original segue into Hissing Fauna’s “Gronlandic Edit.”

(via YANP)

Encores are a good time for covers, as the band has shown us this tour via Nirvana and R.E.M. tributes. Also shown this tour: concerts are a good time for horses.