We Have Band – “Honeytrap” (Stereogum Premiere)

WHB is the first album from this much-buzzed London trio. They released quite a few singles since we checked in with them back in November 2008 (for the “You’ve Had Band” video). If you liked that, you’ll like this: With more time under their belt they’ve mastered cool, crisp, reverb-less, disco rock. I like how co-vocalist Dede WP commands the listener to “Rejoice! / Line up! / Clap hands!” because it sounds vaguely authoritarian and completely menacing, especially next to Darren Bancroft’s more emotional pleas. She looks like such a nice girl in that press photo. The band produced WHB themselves, with a little help from producer/mixer Gareth Jones. Jones has worked with Grizzly Bear, Can, and Wire, and These New Puritans in the past. It’s interesting and admirable that We Have Band signed to French indie Naïve for their first record because the band met while working at EMI in London.

We Have Band – “Honeytrap” (MP3)

WHB is out now via Naïve.

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