UNKLE – “Caged Bird” (Feat. Katrina Ford) (Stereogum Premiere)

UNKLE – “Caged Bird” (Feat. Katrina Ford) (Stereogum Premiere)

The chiming, upbeat psychedelia of “Natural Selection,” UNKLE’s collaboration with onetime BTW Black Angels, contrasts with “Caged Bird,” an especially sinister Where Did The Night Fall track. Celebration’s Katrina Ford ably handles the vocals. A couple of weeks ago we heard her crooning with Future Islands on downcast synth ballad “In The Fall.” There are synthesizers here as well, but instead of the whispered romance, she’s in a windswept and anguished mode.

UNKLE – “Caged Bird” (Feat. Katrina Ford)

As a reminder, the rest of UNKLE’s fifth:

01 “Nowhere”
02 “Follow Me Down’ (Feat. Sleepy Sun)
03 “Natural Selection’ (Feat. The Black Angels)
04 “Joy Factory’ (Feat. Autolux)
05 “The Answer’ (Feat. Big In Japan (Baltimore))
06 “On A Wire’ (Feat. ELLE J)
07 “Falling Stars” (Feat. Gavin Clark)
08 “Heavy Drug”
09 “Caged Bird” (Feat. Katrina Ford)
10 “Ablivion”
11 “The Runaway” (Feat. ELLE J)
12 “Ever Rest” (Feat. Joel Cadbury)
13 “The Healing” (Feat. Gavin Clark)
14 “Another Night Out” (Feat. Mark Lanegan)

Where Did The Night Fall is out 5/11 via UNKLE’s Surrender All.

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