Stereogum Hearts My Brightest Diamond

We bristle at Jeff Buckley comparisons as much as the next Grace obsessed super fan, but Shara Worden’s debut full length as My Brightest Diamond employs strings, dark dramatics, and full-blown arias to create a sound that’s true to Jeff’s spirit, if not his signature sound. We just saw Shara’s multi-instrumental abilities on display as part of Sufjan’s band of butterflies at that ACL taping and can’t wait to check her set opening for Soof (sans wings) at Town Hall next week.

This cut sees Shara flexing her University of North Texas-honed vocal chops over bowed-then-pizzicato violins and a “Grace”-inspired ride out:

My Brightest Diamond ? “Golden Star” (MP3)

Looks like she’s made a fan of Mr. Meloy, too, ’cause he recently told Pitchfork that My Brightest Diamond was his favorite new artist, adding that “Workhorses” is “so creepy and cool, and so Kate Bush.” Read the rest of Colin’s list of favorites here, and take a listen to see how well he knows his Kate Bush:

My Brightest Diamond ? “Workhorse” (MP3)

In July, LaBlogatheque took Shara to Prospect Park and coaxed the opera singer out of her on a gorgeous, waterside take on Edith Piaf’s “Hymne A L’Amour.” Guess who else sang that song? Check out Live From The Bataclan for Buckley’s medley of “Hymne” and “Je N’en Connais Pas La Fin.”

If you haven’t yet, be sure to get your ears on Bring Me The Workhorse, full album stream compliments of Asthmatic Kitty. And if this whole music thing doesn’t work out for her, Shara can always fall back on her rollerblading skills.