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so tonight i went to see ‘american hardcore’.
Sep 20, 2006 – nyc

so tonight i went to see ‘american hardcore’.
a documentary about the hardcore scene in america in the early 80’s.
it made me nostalgic.
the hardcore scene in the early 80’s was amazing.
it was new and genuine and authentic.
it was remarkable.
and at the afterparty i played ‘sex bomb’ with flipper.
to set the record straight, i sang with flipper for 2 nights in 1982 or 1983.
at pogo’s in bridgeport, ct, and at trinity college in hartford, ct.
i don’t 100% remember.
and they don’t 100% remember.
but we all agree that it happened, contrary to the way it’s presented in the movie.
and tonight i played bass during ‘sex bomb’, which arbitrarily became a ct hardcore anthem.
every ct hardcore band played ‘sex bomb’ at the end of their set.
cia, reflex from pain, vatican commando’s, etc.
we all ended our sets with ‘sex bomb’.
much in the same way that dc bands ended their sets with ’12xu’.
the good old days.
ok, that’s all.

Yeah, probably best not to mention the “I won’t be online until 2007″ thing. We’ll just pretend it never happened. Like Hotel.

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