Killers, Not Horatio Sanz, On SNL Premiere

The 9/30 premiere of Saturday Night Live will feature’s Dane Cook, who hosted nine months ago and is the most popular stand-up (Billboard highest-charting comedy CD in 25 years) with no fans we’ve ever met. Killers will be the musical guest (they were also on the show last year).

As for those who won’t be back? According to say goodbye to Horatio Sanz, Finesse Mitchell, and Chris Parnell (who was fired after his first season only to be rehired later that summer after Lorne’s change of heart). And of course, Fey and Dratch are gone.

Which means … more digital shorts? Well, two hits out of eleven ain’t bad. Wait, yes it is.

Why isn’t “Fred Armisen?s Guide to Music and SXSW” on YouTube? We still haven’t seen it. Is it funny?