Soundgarden Reunite In Seattle

The music world’s attention’s diverted toward Southern Cali, though Seattle’s stealing a little of the limelight after last night: Soundgarden reunited in their hometown to play their first show since Cinnabon. (Actually, their first gig in 13 years.) Earcandy attended the band’s dress rehearsal at the Showbox, saying the 18-song, 90-minute set had them sounding “on top of their game” and the sold-out crowd “ecstatic.” They opened with “Spoonman,” pulled a page from the EdVed book by closing with a cover of the Doors’ “Waiting For The Sun.” Video’s sure to surface, but for now, get psyched for Lollapalooza with audio of “Beyond The Wheel” from their 1988 debut Ultramega OK. Pretty fierce. Dudes still know how to twist sludgy darkness out of a 9/4 time signature.

Chris Cornell, you are on your way to making up the last decade of your life to me.

[Photo by Ross Halfin]