New Nirvana – “Swap Meet (Diplo MotorStorm Remix)”

Diplo’s remixed Bleach’s “Swap Meet” for the videogame Motorstorm: Pacific Rift. It was created by Evolution Studios, whose “audio lead” Alan McDermott had this to say about Diplo’s ADD version of the 1989 track:

This is our big hitter. First time ever, and it’s exclusive to the MotorStorm Festival. MotorStorm has, in the past, managed to sway Nirvana towards the Festival (we had a fantastic reception to Breed, featuring at the first festival), so we wanted to bring them back again, but this time, with a difference. Hotter than hot cakes at the moment, Diplo was fired up to give it some remix treatment and, I think you’ll agree, this is Nirvana like you’ve never heard them before! Incidentally, its 20 years ago that Bleach was first released, and this is a fantastic opportunity to revisit the album and bring some of today’s hottest talent to the table to give it a squeeze.

Hot cakes. The one available copy on the web includes some interjections from a DJ, BBC Radio 1’s Annie Mac, who played it on her Mash Up show, but ignore her (or try to) and listen:

Her rundown of Diplo’s resume = informative why I don’t listen to the radio. There are a bunch of other songs on MotorStorm. You can read up on them here. Wonder what the Nevermind Baby thinks.

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