Robyn – “Fembot” (Live On Skavlan)

Fembot” was the first track Robyn put on her relaunched website, now it’s the first Body Talk track she’s done live. And Robyn does “Fembot” live very well. With just a keyboardist doubling as robot hypeman and two drummers, the performance is extremely faithful to the recorded version. It fact, it doesn’t really pop until the end (coincidentally, when Robyn starts “initiating slut mode”) and we get two seconds of Robyn doing the robot. This performance was for Norwegian/Swedish talk show Skavlan. Fun fact: John Cleese appeared on the same episode of Skavlan, then, according to Sky News, spent £3,000 on a taxi ride from Oslo to Brussels, since his flight, like nearly all others in Europe, was canceled.

Body Talk PT 1 is out 6/15 via Konichiwa/Interscope/Cherrytree.

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