Jersey Girl’s New York Premiere

As much as my friend Lauren likes to whine about her job, she does get to go to cool events. Today she gives us the scoop from last night’s Jersey Girl premiere…

Liv Tyler was hott as always. When she ran into lil’ sister Chelsea Tyler, the conversation went something like this:

Liv: OMG! I’m so happy to see you!
Chelsea: Me too!
Liv: Your boobs have gotten so big! Let me feel them!
Chelsea: OK! Let me feel yours!

Laura, you jealous?

Elsewhere, writer/director Kevin Smith hung out with his wife and was pretty much a mess from the waist down:

Ben Affleck joined Smith onstage before the movie started and made a joke about J.Lo not being there yet. Fortunately, he met a nice young lady by the end of the night.

Oh, and the actual movie … Lauren says it’s not like any other Kevin Smith movie. Final rating? 5 stars! Out of 10.