New Deerhoof Video – “Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back”

At this point, Offend Maggie’s birthed almost as many videos as it has songs, which leads me to assume that one day Deerhoof will, in fact, have visual accompaniment for their tenth album’s entire tracklist. Exciting! (Not really.) “Basket Ball Get Your Groove Back”‘s still-photography is more interesting than “Offend Maggie“‘s still photography, likely because it was directed by Xiu Xiu’s Jamie Stewart, who has an aesthetic I find appealing. Here it’s an extended, sculptural bubble bath, suggestive vegetables, firecrackers, mirrored deformities, the New Museum (plus other artsy scenery), and stuffed animals bounced, thrown through a hoop, etc. No backyard wrestling, though.

Stewart used a similar approach with “F.T.W..”

Offend Maggie is out via Kill Rock Stars.

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