New Swan Lake – “City Calls”

When last we checked in with Swan Lake — the Canadian super-group comprising Spencer Krug, Frog Eyes’ Carey Mercer, and New Pornographer Dan “Destroyer” Bejar — we hoped for true collaboration (or a cappella anything), not just a Spence track after a Dan cut after a Carey freak out. Well, we finally got our hands on Beast Moans, and it is, by turns, rambling and brilliant.

The record starts with three songs clearly crafted by each principal — a Bejar tune with quick moving chords and lots of syllables, a paranoid, proggy tune from Spence, and this track from Carey, true to Frog Eyes, but of the three, best hinting at a distinct Swan Lake sound.

Swan Lake ? “City Calls” (MP3)

Put it this way: If you like these guys individually, you’re gonna love this record as much as Pitchfork already does the lineup alone (which is almost as much as we love Spencer’s pornstache).