And The Darwin Award Goes To…

When all my coworkers are gathered around a computer monitor saying, “THAT CAN’T BE REAL! CAN IT?!” Well, that’s when I jump out of my chair.

Before you look at the photo, let me preface by saying it is not fun to look at. Certain people may want to steer clear…

Last month, a man was impaled through the groin on a tree branch after jumping from the balcony at a Melbourne football match. The branch speared through his groin and up to his abdomen. A hospital staffer said at the time, “He was very lucky because the branch did not hit any of his major internal organs. He was conscious throughout the ordeal and I believe he was in a stable condition.”

He was “very lucky” she said.

It is not known why the man jumped or how far he fell.

And now I give you … splinter.jpg

Who can think of the most clever caption? There’s a free iTune in it for you.