Pavement – “Stereo” (Live At Coachella ’10)

This wasn’t the band’s first time playing “Stereo” this year, and it won’t be the last, but witnessing Pavement reunited firsthand felt so good, if a bit lonely. This was my first Coachella (It’ll be my 7th Bonnaroo in June), and I couldn’t have gotten luckier with respect to the weather and my field guide (Mr. Amrit Singh). I videotaped a lot, but was closer to no band than I was for Pavement. I also shot “Range Life” and other songs from sidestage if anyone wants to request footage of Malkmus’ ass (lookin’ good) or their gear from behind; it only takes about 59 hours to compress and upload a four minute clip with our third party software, so don’t worry about it. I’m here to help. Pavement’s return to the mouth of a desert (sorry), the site of their infamous Behind The Music Act Four moment, was thrilling to watch. Eleven years later Geddy Lee’s voice remains a miracle that’s fun to sing about. Watching live “Stereo,” a song I used to request constantly on WICB when it first came out, was the most surreal moment I had all weekend, second to being quizzed about “independent rock, is that what it’s called?” by Dan Humphrey, who also speaks like an ordinary guy.

Compare to the infamous Coachella ’99 performance:

Pavement play the Hollywood Bowl 9/30 with Sonic Youth and No Age. Free Mark Ibold commemorative shotglass with every ticket.