Devendra Banhart – “Foolin'” Video

In which Dev’s asscrack is amongst the least NSFW images rendered. “Foolin'”‘s beachy reggae hop doesn’t exactly scream S&M sequences and man-love spooning, but the Isaiah Seret-directed video succeeds admirably on those terms, and as a document of Banhart’s various head/facial follicular permutations: a mustache here, a voluminous coif there — but definitely no beard (literally, figuratively). There’s cutting and gambling, whips and chains, Hecuba and Lady Tigra. Sweet, sexy, and a reminder that a major label contact doesn’t mean Banhart can’t make a video on his own terms — in fact, he insisted on it. Blood, sex, tears:

What Will Be is out via Reprise. Devendra was rolling around Coachella this weekend, armed with a crutch and considerably more clothing. During the day, at least.