Broken Social Scene Sell Chocolates

The tagline in this new Cadbury advertisement is “made for many,” but it’s hard imagining it’ll becoming anything like the pop-culture phenomenon that was Feist’s Nano advertisement. Still, this hasn’t kept her Broken Social Scene associates from offering up You Forgot It In People’s “Stars And Sons” in the name of chocolate. The song came out some time ago, but you should remember the lyrics: “Then when you let it / You asked for nothing / Why don’t you share it / All of the time you live / There’s something out there / It’s called Cadbury Favourites.” Chocolate used to make pimples and fat appear. Now it’s more about new girlfriends and dudes in yellow t-shirts.

(Via BV)

In related news, when not finding people under the umbrella, Brandon Canning and Kevin Drew were just (yesterday) having it out about “Churches Under The Stairs.”