Meet Miss Violetta Beauregarde

What’s more ridiculous: Calling your album Odi Profanum Valgus Et Arceo, or calling yourself Miss Violetta Beauregarde? We were still mulling that question ?- and many, many more — after spinning this Swiss-Italian’s record, which hits with 16 weird, “grindcore” tracks, each clocking in under two minutes, and each rendered with bizarre bleeps, snarling-then-screeching vocals, and at breakneck BPM. The New York Times says she’s “like Lydia Lunch was long ago,” and quotes liberally from her bio:

I dont listen to electro or techno or whattafuck. i just do it. 3 years ago i found out it was funny pushing buttons and rotating knobs to make stupid noises and make fun of those pretentious indie electroassholes. hey youuuu, i know it’s just noise and screams, you dont need to remember me i know what i’m doing.

She’s looking at you, MSTRKRFT!

Miss Violetta Beauregarde ? “The Unbearable Lightness Of A Farm Tractor” (MP3)

The Kundera reference? Add it to the list of questions.

More deviant downloads at MySpace.