Dosh – “Airlift” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Martin Dosh still creates the complex electro-acoustic mash he’s known for here on his fifth LP, Tommy (named for a friend who passed, not the Who), but there’s more room in his song structures. Sometimes that room is for guest vocalists, like longtime collaborator Andrew Bird. Other times it just adds space to breathe. “Airlift” fits the latter. Even “Airlift'”s video, with its central character surrounded by books, records, and photographs, says something about letting go of stuff (objects or instruments) to introduce some calm. The video was directed by Shal Ngo.

Two heavier tracks from Tommy:

Dosh – “Subtractions” (MP3)

Dosh – “Number 41″ (Feat. Andrew Bird) (MP3)

Tommy is out now on Anticon.

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