Diddy Presses Play At Tenjune

Last night, Diddy unveiled his new record Press Play (out 10/17) at the barely-marked club Tenjune, in NYC’s Meatpacking District. Curiosity compelled our attendance at the event (come now, it’s Diddy), one with basketball stars (we think), video hoes (we know), and a flock of Sean John cronies.

Considering he’s the guy that invented sexy (don’t get it twisted, Timberlake) Diddy was incredibly gracious, hugging-and-mugging for pics with anyone that felt like trading a few words with his big-as-a-fridge bodyguards. He worked the mic through the night, encouraging tequila shots and booty shaking, in between sappy intros to each of his songs (and heartfelt shout outs to each of the many that made it all possible).

He sounded like he was accepting an award for each song, but we can’t fault him his enthusiasm; a debut is a debut, as good a time as any to sip Cristal (or a “Diddy” cocktail, a Kamikaze-esque concoction, replete with neon glowstick). Classy. And the album? Not bad, but it’s difficult to be critical when the artist-formerly-known-as Puffy is standing a few feet from you and willing you to enjoy.

Last night’s party…

Check that bling:

We like Diddy’s album cover (those things reflecting in his glasses are the neon ‘play’ symbols that he’s adopted for the promo campaign.) We think JT likes it too:

At Diddy Online you can stream some Play and read up on “The CEO,” “The Entertainer,” and, awesomely, “The Humanitarian.” Or watch him take a leak.