Light Pollution – “Good Feelings” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

Chicago four piece Light Pollution’s “Good Feelings” is a dreamy, unabashedly bit of anthemic, emotional indie-rock so it’s fitting they move beyond the kaleidoscopic swirl that opens its video and into the after-hours goings on of a mellow gal with a nose ring who likes to put on her headphones, drink PBR, smoke cigarettes, collect thrift store art, and hang out with her energetic friends. (Basically, it’s about the “good feelings” that come with those sorts of things, see?) Because frontman Jim Cicero & Co. insert noisy psychedelia into the composition, there’s also still plenty of opportunity to return to the spinning crystals. The track come from the band’s debut, Apparitions.

For after work:

Light Pollution – “Good Feelings”

Apparitions is out 6/15 via Carpark.