Grizzly Bear Serve Up Some Album Details

For all the building anticipation about Grizzly Bear’s long awaited Yellow House followup, we haven’t had much raw data to go on (unless it came in MP3 or .mov form). Thanks then to Drowned In Sound for extracting cold hard facts about the nearly completed LP from Grizzly Droste. Over the course of a chipper email interview, Ed shares notes on the album’s aesthetic; comparison to Yellow House; state of completion; personnel; and usage of children’s choir. All those things. Some highlights:

  • Ed tells DiS Grizzly Bear are “nearing the last 20 percent” of tracking, to be completed in early December. Then it’s on to mixing and mastering.
  • Yes, there’s gonna be a children’s choir, appearing on three or four songs (that’s the last of the tracking to be done, this December).
  • On sound and songwriting credits: “I can’t tell you how excited we all are about it. It’s definitely got more variety, higher highs and lower lows. [It’s] much more dynamic and [has more] breadth in sound, not to mention a much more collaborative approach to the songwriting. With Yellow House, most of the songs were individually written by either Daniel [Rossen, guitarist] or myself beforehand and then brought to the table, whereas a lot of these were written as a band or brought in at very primitive levels and then fleshed out together, which means more shared lead vocals and back and forth interplay between everyone.”
  • If you prefer Grizzly Bear live, you and all of Ed’s friends both. So this time they’re “trying to be a bit faithful to our live sound, whilst still keeping the texture and layers we enjoy.” My favorite part of that answer, aside from the being faithful to the live thing bit, is that this was an email interview so Ed definitely said “Whilst.”
  • Good news for fans of Chris Bear’s playing (i.e. everyone that wants the band to be faithful to the live sound): “The drums will also be showcased more on this album, as they were sort of hidden last time around.”
  • Chris Taylor takes a production credit.
  • Nico Muhly will contribute orchestral arrangements for the band’s show with the Brooklyn Philharmonic at BAM this February, and those arrangements will likely make their way onto the record.
  • Aside from a backing vocal on “Two Weeks” from Beach House’s Victoria LeGrand and that Nico score, this is a Grizzly-only LP (i.e. no Friends).
  • The album’s on track for an April or May 2009 release.

Saying all the right things, Ed. Read the unadulterated version at DiS. While you’re in the mood for Droste Q&As, check this one with Democratic Party political strategist Howard Wolfson at Democratic Party political strategist Howard Wolson’s indie rock and politics blog. Fun words to hyperlink, those.