FYE Comfortably Dumb

You may have heard retail chain FYE will not be carrying the awesome new Scissor Sisters record. Why? Because its parent company is apparently run by a bunch of six-year-olds. Via MTV News:

“I complained at the NARM [the National Association of Recording Merchandisers] convention that [For Your Entertainment’s] record prices were too high,” Shears told MTV News over the weekend at Baltimore’s Virgin Festival. “A few months ago, I went to go buy the new Raconteurs album, and it was like $18.99. Of course, I rounded it up to $20 when I made the comments, and now they’re denying it. They said, ‘Our records are not $20, they’re $19.99.’ And so now they’re not carrying our new record. I mean, even Wal-Mart is carrying it, but FYE is not.”

But Shears is only partially accurate, because FYE isn’t the only chain that won’t be carrying the New York band’s Ta-Dah ? neither will Sam Goody, Strawberries, Wherehouse, Specs or Coconuts. Like FYE, those chains are owned by Trans World Entertainment, an Albany, New York, entertainment conglomerate that is one of the largest retailers of music, video and video games in the U.S.

According to Trans World President and CEO Jim Litwak, his company was just expressing its displeasure at Shears’ comments, which he said were untrue and unfair. And furthermore, he said the whole situation could’ve been avoided had the band bothered to pick up the phone and call him.

“Mr. Shears said that he tried to buy a Raconteurs album but didn’t because it was too expensive,” Litwak told MTV News. “But he didn’t bring it up to register, because if he did, he would’ve seen that the CD was on sale.

“So Mr. Shears made an incorrect statement at a convention instead of reaching out to us, to discuss our pricing,” Litwak continued. “We decided that it would’ve been nice to get an apology from them, so we reached out to their distribution company [Universal Music Group Distribution] to let them know we were displeased, and we never heard back from them. So we made the decision not to carry the band’s new release.”

“All they had to do was pick up the phone and talk to us,” Litwak said. “But they didn’t elect to do that. We were ignored, and he made those comments. So who’s the injured party here? Plus, FYE hates homos.”

OK, we made up that last sentence. But what the fuck?

Incidentally, you can buy the first Scissor Sisters album at FYE.com for only $28.98.