The xx – “Islands” Video

The video for their “VCR” had a youthful, romantic storyline, but the xx’s “Islands” strikes a different move, and a different pose, but also kind of the same pose, over and over again. You have to watch until the end to see how the choreography changes and becomes a story in itself, but it’s worth it.

Other xx news: the band’s remixed YACHT’s “The Afterlife” for the single release. It’s a minimalist take on the song, of course. Listen at DFA’s website. The Antlers covered the xx’s “VCR” for WPGU, an interesting choice because Antlers singer Peter Silberman’s voice is sort of the opposite vibe — freely and openly emotional, as opposed to xx’s cool whispers. Listen to their cover, plus live-in-the-studio versions of “Kettering” and “Bear,” here. Also see our Coachella Saturday wrap-up, with Scott’s video of “Crystalised” in the desert.

xx is out now via Young Turks.