Franz Ferdinand: How A Blog Becomes A Law

It’s official. Everyone loves Franz Ferdinand. The first legitimately buzzworthy band of 2004. You may have seen this glowing review in this week’s Time.

But we ALL know the FF buzz was born on the influential rock nerd blogs:

  • Coolfer 10/11/03
  • Stereogum 11/20/03
  • Jinners 11/21/03
  • New York Doll 11/21/03
  • Ultragrrrl 11/21/03
  • New Flux 11/23/03
  • Chromewaves 1/7/04
  • Product Shop NYC 1/21/04
  • Stereogum 2/19/04
  • Jenyk 2/19/04
  • Ultragrrrl 2/20/04

    Entertainment Weekly concurs. In this week’s Oscar Round-Up issue:

    Claim To Fame: Four friends from Glasgow with a fondness for tuneful post-punk.
    Global Impact: They have the U.K. press busting out weapons-grade hyperbole and the New York rock nerds blogging their brains out.

    EW reporter Brian Hiatt (my editor in college incidentally) interviewed the band in the same issue. He writes:

    “Every week or so, the exciteable British music press announces a new Greatest Band in the World. They’re almost always wrong (sorry, Gay Dad). But current U.K. faves Franz Ferdinand–a danceable, ferociously melodic, nattily dressed Scottish rock quartet who had a female fan shouting “I love you” at a recent New York gig before they played a note–could be an exception.”

    That female fan shouting “I Love You”? Ultra!

    Yesterday Pitchfork gave the disc a 9.1: “They’re poised to be the next Duran Duran or the next Pulp. Or they could be the next Menswear. In any case, it will be a spectacle.”

    MTV2 is following suit. The premiere of the “Take Me Out” vid kicked off both Subterranean AND Subterranean UK this week.

    And now comes word from NME that the band has signed a US licensing deal with Epic worth £1.5 million. That’s like EVEN MORE in American dollars. [Of course NME reported on Franz back in early November, but it’s hard to take them seriously as they consistently imply EVERY new garage band is the BEST FOOKIN’ THING SINCE OASIS.]

    I’m listening to the album right now and it’s the catchiest rock disc I’ve heard in ages. I won’t use the word “angular,” but … Fuck, I just did. Anyway, yeah angular. Think early Talking Heads. So best. It will make you come on your iPod. Buy it already.

    Oh yeah … I had a point, too: Record industry folks, you need the support of us “rock nerds” (i.e., I am not getting nearly enough free publicity shit. Inquire within.)

    Next up? The Killers. You heard it here first. Or second. Third. Whatever.

    Special shout out to James for convincing me to see Franz at the Coral Room way back in November, and to Jen Daily Refill for selling me her tickets to the band’s gig at Bowery last month.