Daily Kanye: New Leaks And Lulz

Yes, it’s another post with leaks from Kanye’s forthcoming Heartbreak: “Tell Everybody That You Know” (a messy-breakup duet with Lil Wayne) and the supple swells of the escapist standout “Street Lights.” But today’s installment comes with a bonus platter of amusingly Kanye-ish sound bytes from a conference call he did yesterday from the UK, discussing the record, its Phil Collins melodies, and its effect on models and bitches. First the songs:

“See You In My Nightmares” (Feat. Lil Wayne)

“Street Lights”

And now a few words from Kanye:

  • “The whole album is shit that 50 would rap over, but I’m trying to put them Phil Collins melodies when I rap to them.”
  • “My job is to give y’all shit that have the model bitches runnin’ around going crazy.”
  • “All the hurt that I’ve felt within the past year from all the losses that I’ve endured, have sort of settled me into being this fucking super-famous alien, where everywhere I go, somebody wants a fucking photograph.”
  • “I created a thing I call ‘Heartbreak,’ that’s like a mixed drink. It’s Auto-Tune meets distortion, with a bit of delay on it and a whole bunch of fucked up life.”
  • “Even if I’m harmonizing, it’s still from a nigga perspective.”
  • “The records I’m doing right now might not have high hats and shit like everything else has. … I feel like niggas give up on trying to make music on the Quincy Jones level.”
  • “Bitches love [“Love Lockdown”], and niggas rock to what bitches dance to.”

Real talk. Read the whole transcript at hiphopdx.com. Kanye talks about rumors of a new album in June (just rumors at this point, but he’s working on stuff), and confirms the Jay-Z record he’s producing will be out in February, and the next Weezy album is looking at an Xmas release. Also worth noting: “Robocop” will be “completely different” on the album. 808s & Heartbreak’s release has been pushed up a day to 11/24 (along with the new Ludacris and Killers LPs) in order to take advantage of Thanksgiving sales. Commercial time:

[Photo of Kanye at the MTV Europe VMAs ’08 by Mike Marsland for Getty Images]