Good Charlotte = Such Douches?

Stereogum reader Darren forwarded our Chris Wilson post to his fiancee who works at Google. Why? Because Good Charlotte were scheduled to play a lunchtime acoustic set in the Google HQ cafeteria in Mountain View, CA. She provides this report:

“just saw a bit while eating lunch. they are SUCH DOUCHES. they kept saying ‘fuck yahoo’ and ‘i google myself everyday’ and ‘i’m going to write about this on my blog afterward’ and, my personal fave, ‘i used to live in san jo…santana RIZ-OW’.

all the googler engineers were like stone-cold silent…like robots ‘this-does-not-com-pute’

[redacted] and i were going to make protest signs that said ‘where’s chri$ ?’ but didn’t have the time/resources. ;>”

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