Bear In Heaven – “Dust Cloud” Video

“Bear In Heaven was stranded in the Madrid Airport. Out of pure and unbreakable boredom, we put a camera on a baggage claim belt…” the band says at the beginning of this video for “Dust Cloud.” They were stuck in Madrid on April 18 because of the Eyjafjallajökull volcanic eruption, which sent an ash cloud hovering over most of western Europe and shut down air travel. The song is soothing on its own, but the slow spin of the luggage carousel makes it even more dreamy (especially with the airport’s bright round lights hovering above passengers’ heads). Other people look down at the camera with mild curiosity, though no one waves or really smiles. Then again, not many people smile at the prospect of a days-long layover.

As we learned in their Quit Your Day Job interview, a couple members of Bear In Heaven are freelance video editors so it seems like shooting and editing would be a natural way to relieve the boredom of a two-hour layover (that preceded, as the video also says, a 54-hour-long road trip to London).

(Via P4K)

Bear In Heaven – “Dust Cloud” (MP3)

Beast Rest Forth Mouth is out now via Hometapes.