New Paul Westerberg – “Love You In The Fall”

Are you guys gonna go see Open Season this Friday? It’s a new animated movie about a domesticated grizzly bear who befriends a mule deer. No? What if I told you Martin Lawrence does the bear’s voice?

OK, yeah, you’re not the target demo. But Paul Westerberg provides the soundtrack. How did this pairing come about? (Via MySpace)

PAUL WESTERBERG: “My music was being pitched to various studios at the time. The very last one we went to was Sony. I played a few of my songs and was told: ‘We’ve got this bear movie coming up. Do you wanna do a bear movie?’ And I said, ‘Sure, I can do that.'”

And the ‘Mat went and wrote a song called “Right To Arm Bears.” (Har Har.) Haven’t heard that one. But this other movie tune is some good rollicking jangle pop for your autumn iMix. Lately, all Paul’s songs are starting to sound like siblings of “Waiting For Somebody.” No complaints.

Paul Westerberg – “Love You In The Fall” (MP3)

Fun fact via IMDB: Ashton Kutcher (the mule deer) and Martin Lawrence never met during the making of the film.