Born Ruffians – “What To Say” Video (Stereogum Premiere)

When Jessica spoke with Born Ruffians’ Luke LaLonde about his band’s new album Say It, the singer told her the title referenced being direct with family, friends, and bandmates. (“Just say it.”) Lead track “Sole Brother” brought family up and — as the punning title suggested — the occasional desire to be an only child. “What To Say” continues the theme of getting things out directly. As far as the details behind the song’s video — a collaboration between, director Jared Raab and artist/computer programmer Rob Bairos — straightforward communication is a bit trickier. The clip was made using “a vintage oscilloscope” and that oscilloscopes are more generally “used in the sciences, medicine, engineering, telecommunications and industry.” There’s more talking to do before you take a look.

Raab explains:

The instrument is used for viewing voltages and displays in one complete horizontal scan line –- the means the entire Born Ruffians video is always only showing images made from one continuous line. The video was shot once, edited, oscilloscoped, edited and then shot again directly from the vintage machine … The scope you see in the video was actually built in the ’40s…

Say It is out 5/31 on Warp Records. Here’s “Sole Brother”:

Born Ruffians – “Sole Brother”