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Band To Watch: Treasure

Treasure is the reverb-soaked one-man band of young London resident Hari Ashurst, a guy who cites “Fleetwood Mac, J Dilla, Beach Boys, Lou Reed, Highlife, Cosmic forces, Afro-beat, Field recordings,” etc., as influences while mentioning he wants to write choruses like Hall & Oates. He started Treasure last summer, but there’s something chill-y about his compositions. That’s not just a reference to a certain genre. See, for instance, “Golden Things,” which was on the Waaga comp last month and features a gal with dreams of a major label boyfriend, and “Canada,” a dusky pop song that wasn’t and doesn’t. He has more of a glam touch than his contemporaries and isn’t afraid to crank the vocals.

Treasure – “Golden Things”
Treasure – “Canada”

Look for a debut full-length via Waaga last this summer. For now, you can hear “Teenage Myth” at MySpace. And here’s “Canada,” the video. You’d think it’d be NSFW because it features Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee doing their thing … but it turns their sex tapes into something pretty damn romantic.

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