Win Indie Rock Haute Couture

Thrift store t-shirts do a hipster make, but sometimes you want your attire to make a statement. It’s natural. Dress to impress, to start a conversation, to attract that special somebody. And with Halloween just around the corner, there’s even more reason to get obsessed with your choice of threads. To that end, we joined with Jane to get some dope costumes and offer ‘em to you guys. When it came to designers, it was just a matter of knowing our audience. You guys like the indie rock; so why not get some fashion-minded indie rockers?

And that’s just what we did. Our trick-or-treat gear comes from the design studios of Sara (or is it Tegan?) and Rilo Kiley bassist Pierre de Reeder, pictured top and bottom, respectively.

Sara drew her inspiration from M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village (and she’s wearing it on her face), while Pierre went with an Ed Wood-esque spaceship theme. (Models not included.) Clearly, these two are uncovering their hidden talents.

If the pic doesn’t make it clear, Pierre’s contribution appears to be fit for a kid, but we know you guys get with your snug fits. We don’t judge you here.

We’ll pick the winners of our Indie Rocker Haute Couture Sweepstakes at random. To enter, post a comment and tell us which costume you want and why. Winners will be chosen on Thursday 10/5 at 6 PM EST and receive the outfits before Halloween. You’re so gonna get more candy with one of these things than you would wearing a KISS costume. (Gotta love how each guy is a different price. Poor Peter Criss!)