New Joseph Arthur – “Black Lexus”

Here’s the lead single from the Ohio native’s fifth full-length Nuclear Daydream. It’s pensive, it’s got a strong, brooding melody, and it builds with lots of harmonies. In other words, it’s a Joseph Arthur track.

Joseph Arthur – Black Lexus (MP3)

Joe was at Bowery last night and, impressively, the whole show is uploaded and available for purchase. We weren’t there, but it may be worth checking out as Arthur was joined by Michael Stipe on “In The Sun,” causing people to (understandably) lose their shit. Watch it here and then tell us what the hell Stipey was doing during the bridge. Is sitting on the stage supposed to be enigmatic?

Actually, fuck it. We’re done trying with that guy.

UPDATE: Oops! That set for sale is from last year. But it does have “Chicago,” so we’ll stand by its being “impressive.”