Sober Courtney Makes Like Mary

Here’s the first installment in a More 4 documentary on the past few turbulent years in Courtney Love. She’s a Buddhist now! But she’s doing it for the right reasons. Says Courtney: “I find that Buddhism is the most amazing, transcendent path to enlightenment for me. It absolutely works … And the cool thing is, you chant for shit you want, and you get it!” Making the Dalai Lama proud. She chants for CoKate Moss and Lindsay Lohan but doesn’t say why. Care to venture a guess?

But it’s not all Courtney during the camera confessionals. Linda Perry and Hole ghostwriter Billy Corgan share their perspective, too. Billy wants you to “get beyond your preconceptions” and tells most of us that we’re sitting in glass houses: “Most motherfuckers won’t step two feet out the door, and sit in very deep judgment of others who go there.”

It’s like he knows us!

We’re actually rooting for Court to pull it together. If you’ve got some time, watch Part 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6 of the documentary and tell us if you’re buying her new lease on life.

Whether she remains sobers or not, Dave LaChappelle has faith in her relevance as a pop icon, asking Love to make like Mary, with an outstretched Jesus Cobain upon her for the cover of his new photo book Heaven and Hell, out 11/30. (via Spin)

LaChapelle’s cover, Rufus on Plague Songs … blasphemy is so hott right now!