Twin Sister – “Something About Us” (Daft Punk Cover) Live Video

I was thisclose to making it a couch night on Friday, when I read an email at 11PM about a rooftop party in Brooklyn where Twin Sister would be playing. I was in a car to Greenpoint within the hour. A good 50+ people turned up for this last minute post-midnight get together thrown by the kids at Infinite Best Recordings, for a BYOB affair boasting a set from fast rising and ever-improving Twin Sister and their frequent showmates Holiday Shores (who were somehow everywhere I was this past weekend: this roof on Frost Ave., opening for the morning benders at Music Hall Of Williamsburg the next night, and playing again hours later at Bruar Falls’ 1-year anniversary/dance party at 2AM). Twin Sister went first, and worked through a ten-or-so-song set that featured one new one, many from their excellent EPs, and this cover of Daft Punk’s “Something About Us.” The track’s spaced-out, mildly funky groove is a sort that Twin Sister toys with in their own work — seeing them live is appreciating how locked and versatile their rhythm section is, flipping easily from space disco to dampened funk or driving songs with kraut-like insistence. Despite this being a friendly gathering without pro sound, everything on that roof struck as perfectly calibrated, from acoustics to backdrop, so Andrea’s “I’m afraid of this next song” intro confessed an unfounded fear. It was a Daft Punk cover, there was a videographer there, this is the internet — so even on a night that seemed more about chill relaxation, and for a song that came with a self-doubting intro, this take’s well worth its document. Have a look, see them live:

(via Chocolate Bobka, filmed by Ian Perlman)

Twin Sister’s opening for the morning benders at their sold-out show at Mercury Lounge this Wednesday. If you don’t have a ticket, try hitting their release-party at Glasslands on 5/28. The bar will be open, you should go. They do well in that room, which is how they’ll do all year. Color Your Life is an EP you need in yours. Here’s an alternate version of one of its tracks, recently released by the band after appearing on Alternates, a collection of demos and new tunes released in conjunction with the Chocolate Bobka blog, now released by the band as a freebie:

Twin Sister – “Lady Daydream (Cassette Version)”