Laguna Beach Gets Its Emo On

Chris Carrabba will act as guest music supervisor for Wednesday’s episode of MTV’s “real OC” docudrama.

Laguna has featured Dashboard Confessional songs in the past, but according to MTV, for this gig he will be “bringing new indie bands to the forefront in the popular series.”

Carrabba says in a press release, ?I?m impressed with the phenomenon of Laguna Beach.”

Here are the screaming infidelities that’ll go down in the episode:

Kyndra tries to calm the rumor mill by hosting a Valentine?s Day dinner party with Tyler! But tensions flare when Cameron shows up!! Meanwhile, Rocky takes it to another level with Alex on their romantic night out!!!

Exclamation points added by Stereogum.

We’ll be at Under Byen — by the way, everyone who asked to be on the list … is on the list! (Paper Bag Records will contact you) — so we hope you keep your ears out for us.

We once declared Laguna Beach to be the new O.C. for its impact on tweens’ iPods … but haven’t watched it in a year. Who will Chris pick? We’re guessing not Big Country and Counting Crows.