Killers On Saturday Night Live

The Killers rolled into 30 Rock last night as musical guests for a painfully unfunny SNL season premiere. On “When You Were Young,” Brandon brought his Sam’s Town sensibility to indie-nerd chic, working that plantation tie and thick frames.

For “Bones” Brandon donned a glitzier riverboat gambler getup.

What was B. Flow’s stylist thinking last night? Cuomo meets Pedro?

Elsewhere, McSweeney’s Rejected Lyrics for the Killers? ?All These Things That I?ve Done? Before They Eventually Settled On ?I?ve Got Soul, But I?m Not A Soldier?

  • I?ve got fat, but I?m not a father.
  • I?ve got a coat, but I?m not a coat rack.
  • I?ve got heat, but I?m not a heathen.
  • I?ve got a cat, but I?m really more of a dog person.
  • I?ve got ambition, but I?m not one of those people who?s just going to knock everyone out of his way to get what he wants, you know?
  • I?ve got a rash, but I dont? think it?s contagious.
  • I?ve got cocaine, but I?m just holding it for a friend.
  • I?ve got some David Bowie CDs, but I?m no David Bowie.
Via Rolling Stone. From their comments: “I’ve got a tan, but I’ve got no talent” — ha.

UPDATE: I’ve got “Bones,” but not eleven secret herbs and spices.