Thee Oh Sees – “Castiatic Tackle” (Stereogum Premiere)

John Dwyer deserves a star on the underground garage-punk walk of fame. The San Francisco (via Providence) guitarist/vocalist brought the Pink to Pink And Brown, the fuzz and yelps to Coachwhips, and plenty of attitude to the Hospitals, Landed, weirdo faux-German duo Zeigenbock Kopf (with Iran’s Aaron Aites, now best known for the black metal documentary Until The Light Takes Us), etc. Outside of all of this, he started Thee Oh Sees (also once known as The Ohsees, OCS, etc.) as an outlet for his quieter home recordings. It was just a matter of time — and a few records — before it became another full-on band. The prolific quartet’s new album Warm Slime opens with a 14-minute title track earns its name, standing as one of my favorite single songs of the year, Dwyer and co-vocalist Brigid Dawson battling it out amid the epic, viscous ’60s psychedelia, rockabilly, and noise-rock haze. It’s easier to find your way into the punk garage with the briefer, also effective “Castiatic Tackle.” In 2009 they put out 10 releases of varying size and aesthetic on a bunch of different labels. It’s hard calling Warm Slime a followup to any single collection (or single), but think of it as Help’s amped-up, reverb-drenched older sibling.

Thee Oh Sees – “Castiatic Tackle”

Warm Slime is out 5/11 via In The Red. You’ll also find “I Was Denied” on it.

Thee Oh Sees – “I Was Denied”

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